His Excellency Mr. Hassan Hussein Mohamed MP.


The current administration of H.E President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was elected as the 10th President of Somali Federal Republic back in May 2022 and subsequently has chosen the new council of ministers for his administration under the leadership of Prime Minster H.E Hamza Abdi Bare, who as well appointed H.E Hassan Hussein Mohamed as the current Minister of the Ministry of Livestock, Forestry and Range.

The new council of the ministers have been given the seal of approval by the Federal Parliament in August 2022. H.E Mr. Hassan Hussein is also a Member of the current Parliament elected from Jubbaland constituency.

Prior to being elected as a Member of Parliament of Somali Government for the term 2022-2025, he had served as the Minister of Air and Land Transportation in Southwest Somalia’s Federal Member State based in Baidoa, where he put much emphasis on improving and expanding airports and transport infrastructure for the Southwest state, including significant expansion he made on the Airport in Baidoa. Before that, he served in different capacities including but not limited to; the ministry of Internal Security for Southwest State, he stayed in this position until early 2022.

His Excellency, Mr. Hassan Hussein, is one of the founding team member of the modern-day Southwest State as he had got the privilege of becoming among the first council of Ministers Southwest State ever had since Somalia adopted permanent Federal system back in 2012.

In addition, he served in the Southwest State Parliament between the years 2013 until early 2022. Mr. Hassan handled the Ministry of Disarmament, Rehabilitation and Reintegration which was particularly an important ministry of the state playing significant role in reorganizing, regulating and streamlining the state army and voluntary defectors from the armed opposition groups who have been  rehabilitated and reintegrated them back to the community.

Mr. Hassan’s public life started in the first Southwest Administration. Before that he  was involved in business activities in which he was running a private business activity of his hometown of Baidoa. He has accumulated massive social and political experience that he earned from different activities in his various capacities.

Starting  from 11th August 2022 when he officially took over the Ministry of Livestock Forestry and Range, H.E Hassan Hussein is looking forward eagerly to implement the Vision and the Mission of the ministry under the leadership of H.E President Hassan Sheikh and Prime Minister H.E Hamza Abdi Bare.


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